What is Shared Lives?

Shared Lives schemes operate nationally, and we operate the service in the Surrey area. It helps you to find a safe and supportive home environment where you can live as part of a family. This might be for the long term, on a short-term basis or for respite care, so that your full-time carer can have a break.

Living in a Shared Lives family is good because it gives you:

  • An independent life in your local community
  • Family accommodation in a home that suits you
  • Shared Lives carers that are matched to your needs and know your likes and dislikes
  • Privacy, respect and choice

If you think you would like to stay in a Shared Lives carer’s home, or you would like to open your home to someone who needs a safe and supportive living environment, just click on the options above to find out more.

If you would like to talk to someone or receive any further information please contact 01483 806806

Get Involved

Want to become a Shared Lives carer?

We give you all the information, training and support you need to support someone who has particular needs in your home

If you have any questions, or want to find out more, just call or email the Shared Lives team and we’ll be happy to help.

Looking for a new home?

We can match you with a Shared Lives carer who has the right skills, time and home to give you the independence and support that you need.

If you have any questions, or want to find out more, just call or email the Shared Lives team and we’ll be happy to help.


Shared Lives in action Find out how Shared Lives works in practice by taking a look at some of our case studies. You’ll see how much people love living in their home environments, and how our Shared Lives carers give real support within a family home.
  • Clare has been living with Greg and Alex. Her Shared Lives carers say they’ve seen a real change in Clare because she’s had the opportunity to become more independent. She is learning how to cook, goes to activities at local centres and is even planning a holiday.
    “She’s learned and come on so much. She’s learned new skills and thrives on the idea that one day she will be more and more independent.”

  • Deborah has been living with Jenny for more than 15 years. She is a loved member of the family and is included in all Jenny’s family events and relationships. Deborah’s own family live nearby, and she has regular contact with them.
    Jenny is a nurse and an experienced Shared Lives carer, so she can help Deborah with all her care and support needs, including personal care, finances, reassurance and taking her to day activities. Deborah lives as independently as she can, and Jenny is always there to help and support her.

  • Christine went on holiday to Mauritius with Rouby, Koomila and Chris. She stayed with their family members who all made her feel welcome. She tried lots of new foods and met a lot of new people. She also spent a lot of time on the beach, went to the shops and visited local markets.
    Christine had a great time. “They were all nice people and they looked after me well. Ireally enjoyed myself with the family and I will go back there because it was nice.”

  • Sue and Paul became Shared Lives carers after fostering their two young people for over ten years. This means they can continue the work as the people they support move into adulthood. They have been supported by the Shared Lives team through this transition.
    “It’s so rewarding to see them becoming independent and enabling them to access their communities. Becoming their Shared Lives carer is like having a jigsaw puzzle complete – everything is starting to fit into the right place.”

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