Dexter’s Blog

I have attended Surrey Choices for 12 years since April 2009. It has really helped me with my self confidence, improved social life and made new friends. 


I enjoy having the opportunity to be both an employee and someone that can benefit from Surrey Choices’ services. It gives a unique insight into both how the company operates and delivers a range of services to people we support and helps make sure by using co-production people are involved in some of the really important decisions that directly affect them.


Surrey Choices supports me with a range of things for example completing forms, booking and arranging appointments, helping me organise my annual review and contacting my social worker. Surrey Choices also helped me when I started work with support from a Employment Support Specialist to support me when I first started work. I learnt many skills that have helped me with my job today.     


I love having a job and working for Surrey Choices, I like what the Company stands for and represents. My job role is the Positive Choices Coordinator.


Positive Choices Meetings take place online once a month. They bring together groups of people from different services across Surrey Choices to talk about different themes. People we support feedback on what they are doing in their local area. People and groups are invited to present topics and get feedback from the group. We also have a question and answer session with someone from The Executive Team.


Meetings are focused on the people we support with a set meeting agenda and guest speakers. This includes a different member of the Executive Team that attends each meeting to answer people’s questions and concerns.


It has been a very interesting and eye opening experience. Time has gone by very quickly to when I first started. Looking back I can see how much I have achieved in the time I have worked for Surrey Choices and it makes me feel proud.