Riasat Khan headshot

Riasat Khan

Non Executive Director

Councillor Khan brings with him a wealth of knowledge and skills with over 35 years’ experience of working within Woking Borough and Surrey County Councils and transforming local communities.

Historically, Councillor Khan worked with the Woking Pakistani Community, hosting forums as Chairman for local ethnic minority communities to engage in their culture and join together. He also worked with the Police and National Health Service to address some of the issues these communities were facing. In addition, he was on the board for the regeneration project in Sheerwater for about 8 years, working to address issues around housing.

He is now Vice-Chairman of the Adults and Health Select Committee at the Council, looking at independent living and how people can be supported to feel comfortable in their own environment. The committee are looking to achieve this through technology, securing accommodation, and travel training. These goals align with the vision of Surrey Choices. He is also a Councillor for Maybury and Sheerwater, working on developing youth activities and forming a Resident’s Association to empower residents to use their voice. Encouraging people to use their voice and advocate for their needs is something he is hoping to bring to Surrey Choices too.

He is currently work as a Home to School Transport Taxi Driver for children with autism with Surrey County Council, providing him insight and understanding into their needs and appreciation of the person-centred approach demonstrated by Surrey Choices.
More personally, Councillor Khan shared that his nephew attends one of Surrey Choices’ Community hubs, giving him a helpful perspective when looking at the services Surrey Choices offers and what the needs are. “I’ve experienced it first hand and can actually understand and appreciate how we’re connecting with the people we support and identify any potential shortfalls and how we can look at addressing these.”

His aim is to support Surrey Choices achieve its ambitious plans through the exciting times ahead.