The Quality Communication Group

The Quality Communication Group are a group of disabled people supported by Surrey Choices, who work with colleagues to provide consultancy and guidance ensuring Surrey Choices communication is easy to read and accessible for people with learning disabilities.

The Quality Communication Group assist with communication such as service updates to stakeholders, parents and Carers, people Surrey Choices’ supports and staff.

Who are The Quality Communication Group?

David Catchpole

David works within The Quality Communication Group after being involved in the Surrey Choices Speaking Up advocacy groups. David is passionate about sharing the thoughts and views of other people with learning disabilities, ensuring their voice is heard. David has been attending the Redhill Office Project, where he is supported to learn office based skills. His favourite tasks at the Redhill Office Project include printing, binding and other admin tasks and he loves to take photographs.


David joined The Quality Communication Group because he wanted to be able to help other people understand what is happening around Surrey Choices and share other important information with them. David believes it is important that all communication is easy to read and enjoys being able to work on projects to create clear and accessible documents.

Hannah Rogers

Hannah joined The Quality Communication Group because she wanted to help other people who Surrey Choices’ supports, understand important information we share with them. Being involved in projects within this group has also meant that Hannah has been able to improve her literary skills such as reading, writing and spelling. She is passionate about people with learning disabilities being involved in things that affect them and through the use of Easy Read Hannah is able to ensure people have access to clear information.

Michael Smith

Michael has excellent attention to detail, he enjoys proof reading, making sue documents look good as well as offering his ideas on how to improve them. By being involved in The Quality Communication Group, Michael has spent time checking the quality of the images and the text, making sure they are to the best standard they can be for people to understand information. He likes to know that the information shared with people looks nice and reads well. He is thorough at checking that the images used tell the same story as the text, making sure they are big enough to be seen and read. Michael enjoys writing and so the proof reading element of quality checking is his favourite task, he can offer different words to deliver key information.

Nicola Campbell

Nicola joined Th Quality Communication Group after being involved in the Surrey Choices Speaking Up Group. Advocating for people is something Nicola is really passionate about, and being involved in quality checking documents has been another way Nicola can ensure people with learning disabilities are being kept informed with updates and information. Nicola enjoys giving her opinion on ways to make Surrey Choices communication more accessible. She has also strengthened a range of skills such as reading, writing, communication and digital skills to provide feedback online. She enjoys taking meeting minutes and sharing them with other people so they understand what has been said and what it means to them.

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