Direction Radio Station

Have you listened to Direction Radio? This is an exciting radio station which gives Surrey Choices customers the opportunity to gain experience. Whilst the studio is based in Epsom we do have the equipment to travel out into the community to record interesting news and stories.

Show your support for our customers by listening to The Direction Radio show and share with friends, family and colleagues. You can listen in here.

Vocational projects like Direction Radio help our customers to improve their confidence, gain independence and learn new skills to prepare for the world of work. We have our own modules of learning and provide support for individuals to progress further if they wish onto work experience, voluntary or paid work.

For those who want to try presenting, producing or remixing music on a radio station listened to by hundreds of people, Direction Radio is the perfect place to start. This Surrey radio experience could simply be a hobby to meet new people or volunteers can gain experience and a qualification that looks great on their CV.

If you would like to know more about this project please let us know.

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