Woodwork Products

Come and have a look at the wide range of products made through our woodwork project, based in Guildford. Our customers carry out woodwork tasks including upcycling and recycling furniture as well as making new objects from scratch.

We sell the creations that have been made by customers in our wood workshop. All products are made from reclaimed and recycled wood. The products include iPad and iPhone stands, keyrings, planters, wishing well planters and more. Products are available to be viewed at the workshop from Monday to Friday. The workshop is based at Lockwood Activity Centre, Westfield Road, Guildford, GU1 1RR.

We are always looking for new projects for our customers to get involved with and if you have a business that needs work doing we would love for our customers to be given the opportunity to help you. Any money raised from the work they do will be put back into the project to continue the training.

Vocational projects like this help our customers to improve their confidence, gain independence and learn new skills to prepare for the world of work.

To get involved, please send us a message via our Contact Us form.

For more information about our services and activities simply call 01483 806806