A wide range of Surrey Choices activities take place in our own centres and in the local community. The purpose of these activities is to have fun, develop skills, confidence and independence as well as raising the aspirations of our customers, whether that’s for work or daily life. Our range of engaging activities make sure that every customer’s needs are supported and met and that they enjoy being a customer of Surrey Choices.

The type of activities we offer in Surrey include creative sessions, leisure and sports fitness, horticultural activities, life-skills building, sensory activities and health and beauty. Whilst we always plan the activity sessions, they are flexible so that customers have a choice about what they want to do. We love to hear about the activities our customers enjoy doing so we can help them to find something they will love to get involved with. From arts and crafts to gardening and sport, there will be an activity for everyone.

To help our customers understand the process that each person will go through as a Surrey Choices customer we have outlined the different stages of the customer journey here.

Have a look through our Surrey Choices Activity Finder to find a session.

For more information about our services and activities simply call 01483 806806