Vision, Mission and Values

We put our customers at the heart of everything we do, inspiring and challenging them to learn, enjoy and achieve their goals.

Every life, every chance

The Surrey Choices vision is to ‘create a breadth of service and support that gives every person the chance to fulfil their potential and reach their goals’.

Leading the way

Our mission is to achieve our vision by ‘delivering innovative, sustainable services that enable choice and positive outcomes for our customers, provided by skilled, engaged and inspired people’.

Providing choices

Our values are based on choices which stands for:

C – Customers are always first

Listening to and understanding our customers to ensure quality and commitment.

H – Honesty

Creating clear and open communication through trust and transparency.

O – Opportunity

Ensuring everyone has the chance to achieve and develop.

I – Inclusive

Promoting pride, dignity and respect through equal involvement.

C – Creativity

Nurturing individual expression and new ideas.

E – Empowerment

Enabling individuals to have a voice and to be heard.

S – Supportive

Appreciating the needs and wishes of individuals with compassionate care.

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