Travel Choices

Teaching you to travel independently

What is Travel Choices? 

Surrey Choices, in partnership with Surrey County Council, have launched a new programme to support children and young people to travel independently and safely across Surrey.

How can Travel Choices help you?


Travel Choices will support you to gain independence to travel to school, go into town with your friends and go to other places you would like to. We will work with you to create a  Personal Independent Travel Plan to find the best way for you to travel which could be:


  • Walking
  • Getting a bus
  • Getting a train
  • Cycling

There are many benefits of this scheme including helping you to gain the right skills to travel safely between home and place of study or to simply go and see friends!

Who is Travel Choices for?

Travel Choices is for anyone who receives transport assistance from Surrey County Council to get to school or college.

Surrey Choices will work with you, your families and your Carers at every stage of your Personal Independent Travel Plan to support you to travel independently.

The training will be unique to you whilst the duration of the course will depend on your personal needs. The first assessment will identify the number of weeks of training required and will be in the Personal Independent Travel Plan.


What are the benefits?  

Independent travel is a valuable life skill as well as an essential employment skill. It provides greater opportunities for you by increasing confidence in your abilities and reducing your dependence on family members. Some of the benefits include:

  • Prepare you for adulthood
  • Improve your confidence 
  • Do your bit for the environment
  • Gain new opportunities
  • Increase your independence 
  • You will be able to meet your friends 
  • You will be able to access college and courses
  • Help towards you finding and keeping a job 
  • You will feel safe travelling in the community 
  • Improve your health and wellbeing
  • You will learn problem solving skills

What will you be doing?

Stage 1 – A route assessment prior to the training – Your Travel Coach will complete a route assessment to and from school and will identify all the risks and hazards, safe points and landmarks, so you can ask for help if needed. This is so the Personal Independent Training Plan is tailored around you and your needs.

Stage 2Road safety on the journey – Your Travel Coach will teach you what to do whilst walking like how to walk safely including crossing roads, use pedestrian traffic lights and zebra crossings.

Stage 3 – Safety on the public transport – Your Travel Coach will teach you what to do when travelling on public transport such as where to sit, how to hail the bus and how to get on and off the bus safely. 

Stage 4 – What if scenarios – This will include scenarios such as if the bus breaks down or if a stranger approaches you. The travel training covers general safety aspects as well as the ones specific to the journey. Once the Travel Coach is comfortable about your confidence in doing the journey, you can move to the next stage. 

Stage 5 – Shadowing from a distance –  Once you and your Travel Coach are  completely satisfied that you can complete the journey, you will be signed off as an independent traveller. This can only be done once the Travel Coach has shadowed you from a distance. 

Stage 6 – Keeping in touch with you – After you have been travel trained Surrey Choices will check in with you to see if it is going well and to give you the opportunity to get in touch if you need support.

How do I get in touch? 

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