Shared Lives

Shared Lives is a national scheme that offers a unique and community-based model of care and support. We run Shared Lives in Surrey and the surrounding area. Shared Lives Carers open their home, family and community life to sharing it with an adult in need of support. An arrangement can be long term where customers live with a Carer, stay for a short break or have day support. It’s extraordinary because ordinary people open up their homes and lives to others all over the UK.

Living with a Shared Lives family provides our customers with independence in their own community. Carers are matched to their needs and these will be linked with a home that suits them, fully respecting their independence and choice.

The service is registered and inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and we work closely with CQC to continually improve our service. One of the joys of Shared lives is how flexible it can be as it is personalised around the needs of individuals. Support can vary for a few hours a week, to someone becoming a full-time family member. It can also support people short term for example when they are recovering from an operation, or emergency respite such as when a family member of full time Carer needs to stay in hospital.

The Shared Lives Scheme supports disabled people, autistic people, older people or those with other support needs, whatever their age.

Shared Lives Carer

Shared Lives works specifically with disabled people, autistic people, older people and those with support needs, whatever their age. It provides people with the opportunity to become more independent and to learn new skills in a safe, supportive home environment.

Shared Lives Carers share their home with an adult that has been matched with them. Depending on how much time Carers can commit this might be a long-term living arrangement or a short-term break. Carers may just provide occasional respite care or may spend one or two days a week with the person they are helping, rather than them living with them permanently.

A Shared Lives Carer will be paid by us depending on the type of care they are offering. Carers are self-employed and need to register as self-employed and pay tax and National Insurance contributions themselves. There are special tax arrangements for Shared Lives Carers known as qualifying care relief and this does not prevent them from working in other employment.

We give Carers all the information, training and support they require to support someone who has particular needs in their home.

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Case Studies

A has been living with Greg and Alex as part of our Shared Lives service. Greg and Alex say they’ve seen a real change in A because she’s had the opportunity to become more independent. She is learning how to cook, goes to activities at local centres and is even planning a holiday.

  • “A has come on so much since she started staying with us. She’s learned new skills and thrives on the idea that one day she will be more and more independent.”

    Greg and Alex

Sue and Paul became Shared Lives Carers after fostering two young people for over ten years. This means they can continue their work as the people they support move into adulthood. They have been supported by the Shared Lives team through this transition.

  • “It’s so rewarding to see them becoming independent and enabling them to access their communities. Becoming their Shared Lives Carer is like having a jigsaw puzzle complete – everything is starting to fit into the right place.”

    Sue and Paul

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