Community Based Support

A wide range of Surrey Choices activities take place in the community and at our central bases across Surrey. The purpose of these activities is to develop skills, confidence and independence for the people we support, whether that’s for work or daily life. Our range of activities make sure that every person’s needs are supported and met.

The type of support we offer in Surrey include creative sessions, leisure and sports fitness, horticultural activities, life-skills building, sensory activities and health and beauty. Whilst we always plan the community based support, they are flexible so that people have a choice about what they want to do.

To help everyone understand the process that they will go through we have outlined the different stages of the customer journey here.

Community Hub Locations

North Surrey

Case Studies

Kim has been attending the Fernleigh Community Hub for more than ten years. She loves to do nail art and singing and is a member of the choir. Kim also loves to keep fit and taking part in aerobics is her favourite sporting activity. By visiting this centre, Kim heard about one of our other services, EmployAbility, and this helped Kim to get a job at a St Barnardo’s charity shop where she was keen to volunteer.

Kim was supported by Employment Support Specialist, Jackie, who helped her to prepare for the role. They walked a special route so that Kim could learn the way to work, known as travel training. Jackie stayed with her at the shop for her first few shifts however, Kim was doing so well she no longer needed support. Kim works for an hour a day and gets given lots of jobs during her time there.

  • “I have now been working in the shop for six months. My job role includes hanging clothes and sorting out the toys. I love talking to people that come in to the charity shop.”


J has had had a stroke as well as a double kidney and pancreas transplant. Unfortunately, he was housebound and spent his days sleeping until he started attending the Woking Resource Centre. As a Surrey Choices customer, he has met and made some great friends. However, it’s more than that, as at home he only has a bath which he finds very difficult to get in and out off. He’s now able to have a shower whilst visiting the Woking Resource Centre.

On a Tuesday, he also goes to the Sheerwater Cycling Track. In the early days he was helped by a member of staff but now he can cycle independently. This has kept him active and it helps him to build muscle in his legs and also helps him with his balance.

  • “On a Thursday and Friday, I love doing the furniture project where we upcycle old furniture and make it look stunning. I have become very good at sanding down and painting all different pieces of furniture.”

    J Woking Activity Centre

For more information about our services and activities simply call 01483 806806