What is Flexi-Choices?

Flexi-Choices is a new type of respite service for family and Carers. To deliver this support, Surrey Choices is working in partnership with Surrey County Council. The aim is to give family carers a break, sure in the knowledge that their loved one is well supported and having fun.

What will the respite look like?

Our Flexi-Choices respite service is an exciting opportunity to help people learn new skills, get active in their community and have fun on evenings and weekends.

Respite opportunities are available across Surrey. People have the opportunity to relax and have fun in an accessible environment. In addition they can learn a range of skills from independent living to looking after their health and wellbeing.

Some people may prefer to go out for meals, go swimming, take a trip to the cinema or museum, or pursue other interests in a community setting. Support can be provided for small groups or with one-to-one support dependent on their needs assessment.

Shared Lives Carers are also be able to make the most of the opportunity by providing respite for those in need, to give their families and Carers a well deserved break.

Who can receive the respite?

Flexi-Choices was initially designed to provide support to families and Carers who received little to no respite throughout the pandemic. Flexi-Choices is now available to:

  1. Someone with additional support needs living at home with their family or Carer
  2. Someone who’s family or Carer needs respite
  3. Someone who wants to be an active member of their community

How will we provide support?

We will look at the person’s needs, wishes and goals to advise them, their family or Carer on the best route of support in terms of the frequency and type of service we can provide, whether that is out in the community or at one of our purpose built buildings.

Eligibility for Flexi-Choices

This service is available on referral from social care but is also open to people with direct payments or private funders.

How to get in touch

For further information or to be referred to the programme please get in touch here.

For more information about our services and activities simply call 01483 806806