Getting Work Ready

A great way for the people we support to prepare themselves for work is to get involved in one of our many vocational projects. Discovering a wide range of vocational skills will give them new expertise and prepare them for the world of work.

Our customers will also learn skills that will be valuable when starting employment from time-keeping to people skills. These are also a fantastic way of increasing confidence. There are a variety of vocational projects which take place around Surrey, take a look at the options below.

How do we help our customers to get ready for work?

  • We will help customers to get into their chosen vocational project which will develop their skills before they enter employment or start volunteering.
  • Our customers will benefit from an increase in confidence by learning new work-life skills and meeting new people.
  • Vocational projects are a perfect stepping stone for those looking for long-term employment or volunteering opportunities.
  • Young people will be able to join one of our supported internships so they are fully prepared for the structure and expectations in the workplace.

To help everyone understand the process that a Surrey Choices customer will go through, we have outlined the different stages of the customer journey here.

Case Studies

EmployAbility began offering support to John Crompton when he was already a member of the Firestone Rock Band and the resident DJ for the discos and events at our Redhill Activity Centre. Through John’s journey with EmployAbility he has been supported in a few voluntary positions such as The Children’s Trust Shop in Dorking and Surrey Choices “Growth Team” in addition to a work trial as a bus escort for transporting customers to and from Redhill Activity Centre.

EmployAbility initially supported John to apply for a paid position as a customer services assistant at the Homebase Store in Reigate, and then supported him to the interview in which John was successful. EmployAbility also supported John with the initial induction training before Job Coaching through the first weeks of his employment, gradually supporting less until John was working independently from EmployAbility.

  • “In July 2016, I attended the Surrey Choices “Summer Scheme Radio Presenter” course and had the opportunity to present my own show “Freaky Friday Show” which I still do.”


Kirsty has Aspergers Syndrome. She hadn’t done anything work related since 2010 as she did not know how to begin her work journey again. Kirsty started working with EmployAbility who looked at her skills and aspirations and supported her to make choices and decisions as to what work she would like to do.

Her main aim was to get paid work but she agreed to try volunteering whilst she was waiting for the right work opportunity.

She gained lots of experience by volunteering for The Red Cross shop. This has now led her to being successful in securing paid work at Sayers Croft.

  • “I am so happy to be able to start paid work after getting experience through volunteering at a local charity shop.”


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