Every person should be given the opportunity to gain meaningful employment.

Our nationally recognised, employment support service, EmployAbility helps to find work placements, volunteer opportunities and paid work for disabled people, autistic people, those with sensory needs and those with mental health problems.

Having a routine and developing skills is a great way to boost self-esteem, increase confidence and connect with other people.

What will our team do to help our customers in employment?

  • We work with our customers to identify their skills and aspirations for work.
  • We support our customers with creating a CV and job searching.
  • Benefit from interview preperation and support at interviews.
  • Our team work with both the customer and their employer to ensure everyone has all they need to complete the job.
  • The ‘keep in touch’ service is used to offer ongoing support for the customer and their employer.

Our ‘Place, Train, Maintain’ approach to Supported Employment will help develop skills at every stage of the process.

What do we do for employers in Surrey?

EmployAbility provides support to employers to help them to find the most talented workforce and to match the right person to the right role. We will provide our customers with advice, including disability awareness training, and ongoing support throughout the whole employment process. We strive to create a positive outcome for both a business and their employee.

Helping young people into work

We are proud to work with a number of schools and colleges across Surrey providing both work experience opportunities and supported internships. Learn more about supported internships here.

To help everyone understand the process that our customers will go through as a Surrey Choices customer we have outlined the different stages of the customer journey here.

Case Studies

Jamie has learning disabilities and is an elective mute. He currently works in a hospital kitchen and absolutely loves cooking at home. He is keen to gain a catering qualification to further his cooking skills.  The EmployAbility team has worked with his employer and their training partner over the last year to identify a City & Guilds qualification that suits his skills.

As part of the induction, Jamie needed to verbally make a learning statement. He is so keen to do the qualification, that he managed to verbalise the statement first time. This was a huge achievement, with many more to follow as he demonstrates his catering skills and knowledge of food!

  • “We hope by doing this qualification it will give Jamie more confidence, teach him new skills and encourage him to speak more.”

    Phil Mack, Surrey Choices Employment Support Specialist

Katie has a learning disability and memory issues. She was keen to work and didn’t mind what job she did. Our team noticed she got on very well with the elderly residents in the home where she lived with her mother, who worked as a warden. A local care home had a job for a kitchen assistant and Katie applied and got the job.

As Katie has problems with her memory, this role didn’t work out. However, the staff had become very fond of her and wanted to keep her so they created a cleaning role. She hoovers all the corridors and is now involved in other jobs, like helping out with water jugs on tables, or any other tasks. Katie loves her job and her mum has really noticed a change in her.

  • “Since we started working with Katie, she has gained a huge amount of confidence and she loves having her own money.”

    EmployAbility team

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