Gardening and Horticultural Services

Our original Growth team was established 20 years ago to help maintain the Surrey countywide and public spaces. We now have three teams: Growth Team – South West, Growth Team – North and Growth Team – East.

Over recent years our customers have managed two local nature reserves for Woking Borough Council. It has involved clearing hundreds of trees and unwanted vegetation to create large wildflower meadows and forest clearings. Our teams have helped improve these sites for wildlife by planting hedgerows, building and erecting bird and bat boxes and plants for reptiles and amphibians.

Development of Growth Teams

As part of the continuing development of Vocational Projects, the Growth Teams across the county will continue to diversify their offers. This will enable our customers to gain essential skills for work and independent life. Learning development will include:

  • Sowing and growing skills
  • Customer service through our market stall
  • Conservation efforts in local reserves
  • General garden maintenance within the community.

Surrey Choices will continue to support people to extend the skills they learn with our Growth Teams. Skills acquired will help people to find additional opportunities in community volunteering projects, garden centres and garden companies. Through an assessment of people’s skills, outcome setting, and regular reviews, we can ensure that the people we support are equipped to move on at the right time for them. Dependent on an individual’s capability the next phase of their journey could be on-going volunteering, full or part-time employment, or a return to education.

Can you help?

We are always looking for new projects for our Growth Team to get involved with. On every vocational project, the work is completed by customers who are in training with support from our staff. Any money raised from their work goes back into the project to continue training and developing our customers’ skills.

Vocational projects like this help our customers to improve their confidence, gain independence and learn new skills to prepare for the world of work. We have our own modules of learning and provide support for all of those involved with this project.

If you, or someone you know, would like to get involved in the Surrey Choices Growth Team or you have a project they can help you with then please contact us on email or call 01483 806 806.

For more information about our services and activities simply call 01483 806806