Changing Days

Surrey Choices Day Activities are going to be changing, and we want everyone who is affected to take part in a conversation about the future. Surrey Choices will be working with Surrey County Council and The National Development Team for Inclusion to make a plan for how to create new opportunities for disabled people and autistic people to live healthy and independent lives in their local communities.

They will work together with disabled people and autistic people, their families and Carers, as well as professionals and third sector groups to think about what good support looks like and how the support that Surrey Choices provides can help people to be active citizens.

Disabled people will become more connected within their local community. This means that support will aim to: 

  • Help individuals to be more independent 
  • Enable people to live locally and work close to their homes
  • Aim to take part in volunteering, work experience and paid work
  • Develop the skills to make and maintain relationships and friendships and enable people to be part of their community
  • Enable individuals to learn and develop skills that help them make plans for the future 
  • Make sure that no one is left behind and for people to get the specialist services and support they want and need 

Festival of Ideas

The Festival of Ideas are a series of events for the people Surrey Choices support and their families and Carers, the people that Surrey Choices might support in the future, employees and partners to collectively shape the vision of Changing Days. 

Throughout these events, a range of topics are discussed such as understanding why Surrey Choices day services are changing, how a service and wider community can operate well together, and the chance to present images of possibility and to listen to positive stories about how individuals’ lives can be different.

The purpose of the Festival of Ideas is:

  • To inspire and broaden the thinking of everyone involved in Surrey Choices, including people who use services, or might use them in the future, their families, the staff and other potential partners
  • To present images of possibility
  • To give a wide range of people the opportunity to share their own ideas
  • To provide space to reflect on strengths and purpose
  • To start people thinking – we can be the change!
  • To share the positive things we are already doing

Click here to see when and where the next series of Festival of Ideas are taking place.

Listening Events

We began our first series of events throughout Autumn 2019, starting with the ‘Festival of Ideas’ during October 2019, and followed later in the year by local listening events. 

The events are open to disabled people, their families and Carers, and groups and organisations that work with Surrey Choices. They are an opportunity to begin a conversation with each other about how the future could look for disabled people in Surrey. 

The ideas and discussions from all events will continue to be collected and analysed, and will be formed into a new service design. A jointly agreed plan will be formed which will set out how Surrey Choices will go about improving and developing the support it provides to disabled people in Surrey. The plan will be approved both by Surrey Choices and by Surrey County Council. 

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