Community Choices

Community Choices is about supporting people to achieve their personal goals in a way that works for them. We want to make sure that the support we provide is outcome based and enables people to look after their health and wellbeing.

We are working with the people and their network of support to create Person Centred Plans. This will enable us to find out what sort of life they want, and plan with them to make this happen through Community Choices.

An effective Person Centred Plan is an essential starting point for personalisation and supporting individuals to achieve inclusion within their local communities. It gives individuals more choice and control over their lives and the support they receive, including how to stay healthy and well.

Community Choices will focus on our four main outcomes:




These outcomes are a basis for all of our good news stories that you can find here.

Changing Days

We have worked together with disabled and autistic people, their families, Carers and professionals in the third sector groups to think about what good support looks like. Our Changing Days programme will focus on:

    • Flexible working to meet the outcomes of the people we support
    • Introduction of a Digital and Outreach Support offering 
    • Independent living skills 
    • Travel training 
    • Vocational Projects – pathway to employment

     To achieve these outcomes we are:

    • Remodelling to provide less traditional building-based services, towards community inclusion and customer led services (will continue to provide some building-based services for individuals with Complex Support needs)  
    • Creation & implementation of Person Centred Planning Tools & Process
    • Delivered Person Centred Planning Training to nearly 200 colleagues 
    • Mapping of services, activities & locations in our communities
    • Developing community links & partnerships 
    • Development of individual and area timetables
    • Matching people we support with each other and with staff members
    • Collaboration with SCC colleagues 
    • Communication & collaboration with people we support, families and partners
Katherine, a person we support, wants to become more independent whilst out in the community. So she worked with Surrey Choices’ staff to create a Person Centred Plan to help her achieve her goals. The plan was centred around road safety skills, paying for items at the supermarket and increasing her independence.
Over the last few weeks Katherine has learnt many new ways to travel safely. She has learnt how to use a pedestrian crossings and why it is important to wait for the green man. Colleagues also supported Katherine to look left, right and left again to check for any traffic. She has also learnt to scan and pay for items using the self checkouts whilst doing her shopping.
Katherine has become more self reliant whilst out in the community and this is a huge achievement for her. Katherine’s mum was delighted that her Person Centred Plan has enabled her to reach a key goal that will keep her safe in the community. She said: “I was overjoyed to learn that she had been taught how to cross roads safely, as she never thought this was even possible.”
Katherine’s Person Centred Plan

Julie is extremely active and into her fitness. As restrictions started to ease, she wanted to keep up her active lifestyle and try new things in the community. Kayaking is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. In addition to it being fun and enjoyable, it is a great way to workout.

With the support of Surrey Choices’ colleague, Julie began researching the best venue to go kayaking. This was to make sure it was safe, practical and had the right facilities for Julie. 

After finding the right venue, Julie enjoyed a lovely day full of laughs, smiles and giggles. From putting the wetsuit on the wrong way round to enjoying a nice workout on the water, the day came together perfectly. Julie is already excited about her next visit to the Horseshoe Lake.

After the session, Surrey Choices colleague Terrilea said: “Julie was extremely happy with her kayaking session today. She was very pleased with herself and what she has done is amazing. Julie is very excited for her next visit to the lake.”

Heading out into the community to go kayaking has had a positive impact on Julie. She is so proud of her achievements by getting out onto the water and kayaking. Trying new things is brave and this has had a great impact on her health and wellbeing!

Julie Kayaking
Julie’s Person Centred Plan

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