Supported Internships

Many young people with support needs are keen to aim for paid work, but still need to develop the skills to be successful. A supported internship focuses on getting young people ready for the structure and expectations in a workplace.

Employers – how do you get involved?

For the employers, the roles should reflect a real business need and with potential for paid work at the end of the internship. You will receive support from an Employment Support Specialist who can advise on management, carving suitable roles and ensuring the success of the placement for both the organisation and the individual. We work with a wide range of employers across Surrey including The University of Surrey, East Surrey Hospital and Proctor and Gamble (P & G).

For Young People – What is involved?

The supported internship will usually last for a year and include unpaid work placements of at least six months to contribute to your long term career goals. Usually it will be 3 days per week.  Most of the internship will take place within a workplace and you will be expected to meet the employer’s expectations of time-keeping and dress code.

What does Surrey Choices EmployAbility do?

Our role is to find meaningful work opportunities and support both the employee and employers to ensure the job is a good match and has opportunities to learn new skills. One of the key success factors is having a job coach on site who can help the young person learn the skills to achieve in their role. .

Who should apply?

Surrey Choices EmployAbility are experts in finding work for adults with support needs. To meet the regulations of the programme, applicants must register with a named College, but will only need to attend a one day induction at the college. The rest of the time will be spent in the workplace or on related enrichment activities. This option is open for any young person with an education, health and care plan (EHCP) who is keen to move into work. It is particularly suitable for young people who are either leaving college or would find it difficult to be in a large college setting.

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