Our Activities

Our activities can be tailor made to suit you and your goals whilst you get the best help and support. We are always listening to you, your family and other people involved with your care in order to improve the activities we provide.

We’ll be here to provide the support, learning and care you need, whatever you want to do.

Employment and Learning

EmployAbility is a dedicated service that helps to find work placements, training, volunteer opportunities and paid work for you if you have autism or a learning, physical  or sensory disability.

We listen to you to find out what you like to do, what your skills are and where you might need some training. Then we will help you to:

  • Find voluntary work, paid employment or start a business
  • Apply for job-related benefits and allowances
  • Get the right support at your workplace
  • Keep in touch with us so we know things are going well

Home and Living

Shared Lives schemes operate nationally, and we operate the service in the Surrey area. It helps you to find a safe and supportive home environment where you can live as part of a family. This might be for the long term, on a short-term basis or for respite care, so that your full-time carer can have a break.

Living in a Shared Lives family is good because it gives you:

  • An independent life in your local community
  • Family accommodation in a home that suits you
  • Shared Lives carers that are matched to your needs and know your likes and dislikes
  • Privacy, respect and choice

Working in the Community

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